GPMS Board Members


Sherrailynn Scott, Flourish Herbals and Aromatherapy

Sherrailynn Scott is a Kansas State University graduate known for her leadership in Boy Scouts, passion for baking, and involvement in the Great Plains MakerSpace community. As a dedicated scout leader, she mentors youth in outdoor skills and leadership. Sherrailynn's baking talents bring joy to those around her, while her enthusiasm for innovation shines through in her involvement with community projects. 

Vice President

Trevor Hands, GCC

Regarding himself as a jack of many creative trades and a master at absolutely none of them, Garden City native, Trevor Hands, is the Director of Marketing & Communications at the Garden City Co-op, Inc. (GCC).   Trevor received his B.A. in Music from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas and M.A. in Communications (Directing & Editing for Cinema / Television) from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  After spending nearly six years in Los Angeles, California, and after being away for over twelve years, he returned home in 2011 where he met his wife, Jenny.  They have one son, Graden.  Together, Jenny and Trevor are the founders of the Red Dog Children's Museum and you can often find them working on a wide variety of their exhibits at the MakerSpace! 


Kyle Sexson, Great Plains Cattle Company

Kyle was born and raised in Garden City, and received a degree in Information, Networking, and Telecommunications from FHSU.  He returned in 2010, working for Paraclete Computers in downtown Garden City. He now works as an IT Network Administrator for Cobalt Cattle Company.


Chris Turpin, Garden City Community College

Chris grew up in southwest Kansas, graduating from Scott City High School. After 15 years studying and teaching at Kansas State University, he moved back to Garden City with his family in 2015. In addition to teaching English at Garden City Community College, Chris also operates Flint Hills Laser Studio out of his garage, making laser-engraved gifts and other items.

Members at Large

Shannon Dick, Finney County Economic Development

Shannon grew up in Garden City working at Herb's Carryout and as a field scout for crop consulting in high school. He graduated from GCCC and Kansas State University then worked for a statistical software company in Tulsa before returning to Garden City to raise his family and start a statistical consulting business.  In addition to statistical consulting, Shannon works for Finney County Economic Development as a strategic analyst and serves on the board of directors for LiveWell Finney County.  

Nicole Dick, GCCC

Nicole Dick: part-time math whiz, part-time yarn ninja, and full-time hockey fanatic. When she's not dazzling students with calculus, you'll find her crocheting calculus-themed hats or sneaking math puns into her slap shots. Don't let the textbooks fool you, Nicole's a triple threat: she scores on the ice, in the classroom, and with her crafting needles.

Lexie Ortega, Finney County Public Library

Introducing Lexie Ortega: librarian by day, goth crafter by night. With a love for the dark and mysterious, Lexie brings a touch of eerie elegance to everything she does. When she's not curating the stacks at the local library, you can find her conjuring up innovative crafts that blend the spooky with the spectacular. Lexie's passion for the gothic aesthetic infuses her work with a hauntingly beautiful edge that sets her apart from the ordinary.

Kiefer Titus

Introducing Kiefer Titus, the engineer extraordinaire who runs the fab lab at GPMS and has a knack for turning everyday objects into marvels of innovation. When he's not busy concocting contraptions that would make Rube Goldberg proud, you can find him perfecting his karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" or engaging in intense debates about the best Star Wars movie (spoiler alert: it's definitely "The Empire Strikes Back"). Whether he's engineering solutions or belting out Queen classics, Kiefer is always pushing boundaries and leaving a trail of laughter in his wake.

Previous Members

Emily Sexson, Lee Richardson Zoo

Yuriy Drubinsky, Garden City High School

Dave Germann, Germann Custom Homes

Vicki Germann, Realtor

Justin Donecker, Engineered Truss Systems, Inc.

Susan Escareno

Sam Hands, Triangle H Farms

Alfredo Galvan, State of Kansas

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